Cannabis Pocket Reference 1.84

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What makes Cannabis Pocket Reference information the best? Try it and find out!

The most stylish and useful Cannabis app bar none! Accurate, refined, media rich, and easy to use.

::: Features :::
* Exclusive Grow Guide
» In depth with a high tech emphasis.
» All topics covered to grow A+ quality.
» Example grow diary
» Exclusive high grade nutrient charts.
» Pest control/eradication including organic.

* Strain Guide (DNA)
» Marijuana Strain Database
» Heritage, description
» Growing notes
» Multi-touch Pinch Zoom
» Shake for random
» Sort by name or flowering time
» 127 types w/ more on the way

* Alchemy Guide
» Science: Studies, Diseases, and Health
» Culinary + medicinal recipes:
» Cooking oil, butter, soy milk, more.
» Hash, bubble hash, hash oil.
» Tinctures including non-alcoholic...
All recipes have been tested.
» Vaporizing/smoking info.
» Vaporizer reviews.

* Visual Plant RX Gallery
» Diagnose common plant disorders easily by photo.

* Legal status maps
» Worldwide, Europe, and USA
» Updated with current laws

* History Timeline
» History of Cannabis Hemp w/ pics.

::: ::: :::
Visually Rich and Informative
Info for beginners and pros alike

Links to proven products and books.
Lots of pictures and video links.
No ads.
Now tablet friendly.

More info + screen shots:

Refunds available upon request within 24 hours. We aim to please!

Works on Android 1.5 - 3.1.

Trouble installing or downloading the app?
Please see our FAQ at

We are happy to hear your suggestions, feedback, + issues. Email us or use the easy form thru the above URL.

*** If you bought CPR Lite and are now upgrading to this full version please email us for a full refund of the cost of CPR Lite! If the app won't work on your phone or you don't like it we'll refund your money too. Please ask within 24 hours. ***

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